The 2017 MHPA Annual Convention was held at the Northern Lights Casino July13-15 in Walker, MN . There were 155 attendees this year. More information, including resolution updates will be posted soon. We also have a new MN Honey Queen for the 2017-2018 year!

Convention Highlights

We want to thank Barkman Honey for sponsoring the lunch on Friday and Mann Lake for the customer appreciation program and dinner held Friday afternoon. The program was a presentation by The Raptor Center - University of Minnesota

A new Minesota Honey Queen was crowned at the 2017 MHPA Annual Convention.

Gary Reuter was named MHPA Beekeeper of the year! 

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2017 Guest Speakers

Dr. Meghan Milbrath, Keynote Speaker

Department of Entomology, Michigan State University

Presentation: Diagnosing and Managing Bacterial Diseases, Fungicides, and Bee Health

Northern Bee Network


Dr. Meghan Milbrath began working bees with her father as a child over 20 years ago, and now owns and manages The Sand Hill Apiary, a small livestock and queen rearing operation in Munith, Michigan. She studied biology at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, and received degrees in public health from Tulane University and the University of Michigan, where she focused on environmental and disease transmission risk.  Meghan worked as a postdoctoral research associate under Zachary Huang at Michigan State University, studying nosema disease, and is currently an academic specialist at MSU, where she does honey bee and pollinator research and extension and is the coordinator of the Michigan Pollinator Initiative. Meghan is active in multiple beekeeping organizations, writes for multiple beekeeping journals, and speaks about bees all over the country.  She currently runs the Northern Bee Network, a directory and resource site dedicated to supporting queen producers, and she is passionate about keeping and promoting healthy bees.



Marla Spivak, Phd.

University of Minnesota, Department of Entomology

Presentation: Exciting Updates from the UMN Bee Lab

Marla Spivak received a B.A. (1978) from Humboldt State University and a Ph.D. (1989) from the University of Kansas. She has been affiliated with the University of Minnesota since 1993, where she is currently Distinguished McKnight Professor in the Department of Entomology. She is the author and creator of numerous beekeeping manuals and videos, and her scientific articles have appeared in such journals as the Journal of Neurobiology (now Developmental Neurobiology), Evolution, Apidologie, and Animal Behavior.

Peter Berthelsen

Partnership Coordinator, The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund

Presentation:  Bring Collaboration, Innovation and Results to Pollinator Habitat

The Bee & Butterfly Habitat Fund is expanding its habitat program with new partners, innovation and results.  Learn more about what we are accomplishing and how we can bring better bee health to your area.  The NextGen Habitat Project is looking to establish new projects in Minnesota and beyond.





Fabiana Ahumada

President, AgScience Consulting

Presentation: Hopguard II: Road to natural mite control

Fabiana Ahumada is the founder of AgScience Consulting, a company providing consulting services in project management and product development to businesses in life sciences and agriculture areas. Fabiana understands how to navigate the complexity of project management and product development and had the opportunity to be exposed to different research areas over the years. For the past 16 years, she has worked extensively with the beekeeping industry in the US and internationally on honeybee health. Her involvement in honeybee nutrition led to the development of MegaBee™. For the last few years, Fabiana has been deeply involved in Varroa research leading to the development of HopGuard® a natural pesticide derived from hops to control Varroa destructor in honeybee colonies. She continues to work with the honeybee industry to develop an IPM program to control Varroa mites.

Brent Barkman

Owner and Chairman of the Board, Barkman Honey

Presentation: Beekeeping Best Practices - How Clean is Your Honey?

Brent Barkman carries on his family’s 60-year tradition of delivering ethically sourced, safe, quality honey. A third-generation beekeeper, following the footsteps of his father and grandfather, means upholding a dedication to the art of keeping bees as well as advancing industry practices and sustainability through the company’s own apiaries. Brent’s values and commitment to the industry continue to make Barkman Honey a frontrunner in the world of honey. Beyond his passion for honey production, Brent advocates for the honeybee and beekeeper — from supporting bee health initiatives and habitat preservation, to beekeeper recruitment and education.



Rebecca Masterman

UMN Bee Squad Associate Program Director, UMN Bee Squad

Presentation: Bee Squad Update

Rebecca Masterman first worked for the UMN Bee Lab as an undergraduate in 1992, and returned in 2012 as the Bee Squad’s Associate Program Director and Coordinator. Becky graduated from UMN Twin Cities with a BA (major in history, minor in biology) and then obtained a Ph.D. in Entomology studying the neuroethology of honey bee hygienic behavior under the direction of Dr. Marla Spivak.


Erin Rupp

Founder and Executive Director, Pollinate Minnesota

Erin Rupp has been an informal science educator for her adult life and a beekeeper for the past ten years. She founded Pollinate Minnesota in January 2015, to connect students and teachers of all ages to live honey bees and to the science, policy and media story of pollinator decline.

She loves experiential inquiry education, the Midwest, insects, fresh tomatoes, and pear honey.  She also loves how the seemingly tiny work bees and other pollinators do connects directly to our role in -and impact on- ecosystems.  This connection is discover-able and understandable by second graders and State Representatives alike. 


Special Activities

Friday, July 14th, Lunch Sponsored by Barkman Honey

Friday, July 14th, Customer Appreciation Day Sponsored by Mann Lake

Saturday, July 15th, Meeting with Speakers.